Tuesday, August 12, 2008

golden dragonfly

golden dragonfly--
what is it you know? I stop
to remember now

I saw a golden dragonfly this morning. It flew past my eyes and then paused for a full minute on a leaf in front of my face. Its wings were clear except for a pattern of purest gold. Its body shimmered against the green leaf and it had a jeweled head. Wow.

I've seen blue-green dragonflies before--many of them. But this golden one seemed to have flown straight from the realms of mythical alchemy into my yard.


Anonymous said...

WOW! From your description it sounds absolutely beautiful.

One day I will write to you because I love all your books and would love to have an autograph but until then the fact that you have started a blog makes me happy!!

Olgy Gary said...

ooohhhh...write, write, write us a story about it! Your blog entry if full of magical possibilities.