Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seer and the Sword in print for 10 years today

Okay, it's pretty obvious that I've been neglecting my blog. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It only means I've been busy with life. Not that a blog isn't life . . . well, maybe a blog isn't life.

Is it really important to stay current with reports about my life and musings?Aren't there already plenty of blogs in the world? And I'm such a restless person, I'd rather be out gathering new experiences than sitting at my computer. Know what I mean?

But I can't let today go by without a mention. Today, April 21st 2010, my first book turns ten years old. The Seer and the Sword is still in print. It has (quietly) continued to sell, for which I'm so grateful. Here's to you, readers! Thank you! It's always a leap to reveal myself on the page, and it's good to know that others are resonating.

I've learned a ton in ten years. Much of that is shared in Wild Ink: How To Write Fiction for YA. But a lot has simply soaked into my heart and mind as all experiences do, ready to water ideas that still lie dormant.

As spring drives new buds to open and young plants to grow, I feel a renewed appreciation for everything under the surface that's yet to be discovered. Once again, here's to you! May this spring give you confidence and energy for your own writing projects.


Michelle said...

I love the book and I hope on day you write a sequel.


Michelle Flores

Victoria said...

Thanks, Michelle! You never know. . .

samandlysander said...

I just finished the seer and the sword this week and loved it. A sequel would be amazing. Loved the characters!

Victoria said...

Thanks so much. I often think about those characters still. . .

amyryuu said...

I've loved Seer and the Sword ever since Junior High, and that was, well, about ten years ago for me. The first thing I loved was the cover, with Torina's mysterious face. The second thing I loved was the story. When I finished reading the book I knew that what I loved the most were the characters of Torina and Landen. Landen was a man of peace, but so strong. Torina was a princess, but walked miles and miles through water and freezing weather so that she could survive. Out of all the books I've read (which is a LOT), they are two of the characters that I admire most. One of my goals as a writer is to create characters as compelling as yours. Thank you for that book. It had a big effect on my life.

I'd like to invite you to read my own blog, I laughed when I realized that we had the same background template. Good luck with your future endeavors. You will always be one of my favorite authors.

Victoria said...

Thanks for the kind words. I read your recent blog posts with interest--thank you for your honest and deep reflections!

RaeLen said...

And to think I've been a big fan for at least 6 or 7 of those years! It doesn't seem like it's been that long. :)

Seeing this post makes me reminisce about the first time I got 'The Seer and the Sword' from the library because I loved the artwork on the cover.... I then read the book four times in seven days, and couldn't be stopped from raving about it to my friends. :)

Thank you SO much for writing this book, Victoria! It will always be a big favorite of mine, and will always take up space on my book shelf.

SJo said...

Thank you for writing a story with characters that come alive. Not many books can do that. I will always love these characters and their story. This book will always be one of my favorites.

Victoria said...

Hi RaeLen and SJo,
Thank you so very much for the kind words, and sorry to be so late with a reply! I am beginning to accept that I'll always be running a little behind on some things--including this.
When I tried to read your blog today, RaeLen, it said "not found." Is there another way to look for it besides the address? Thanks.
SJo, thanks!

RaeLen said...

Hm, I'm not sure why it would sat 'not found'.. everything is set so that the public can view it..

The link is -
That's really the only thing I use to access my blog, excluding my blogger dashboard.

nicolecharlotteyap said...

Dear Mrs Victoria,
I have read this book 5 times over two years and have never got tired of it. I really really hope you could write a sequel for this. The story is just so captivating, the plot just amazing and it just draws me into its depths! I'll like to write to you one day and get your comments on mywriting. Lokking forward to your next book.

12 years

Garry said...

I just read the Healer's Keep. I both love ur first 2 books.. Hope I can still find ur other books here in the Philippines..