Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm starting a weekly five minute podcast

I've decided to create a series of podcasts as a means of persuading myself to be more consistent with this blog. They'll be all about writing and YOU. More specifically, writing YA and YOU. Approximately five minutes each.

Just click here to listen to the first one, called:

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This idea for creating podcasts came about because I realized something about blogging and me: When blogging, I just want to have fun. 

Much of the writing life involves pulling large quantities of hair out of my creative scalp. (This activity is otherwise known as writing a first draft.) Then styling what's left (second, third, etc. drafts. Then talking about writing. Helping other people with their writing and...

Well, anyway, there's a lot of WORK involved.

About blogging--true confessions here, I started feeling like I SHOULD BLOG. Which made it seem like work. And then I rebelled and quit blogging for months at a stretch. Yep, that's my blog profile in a psychological nutshell. Not proud of it, but writers can't be proud and do our jobs at the same time. (Otherwise, we'd never show our faces at our critique groups.)

I promise to do another podcast next week. And the week after that. Because they're fun! 



Amazing Voices said...

This is really great Victoria. I've heard you talk before and always loved them. The problem was remembering all of your great points by the time I got home. This is the next best thing. I can go back and listen anytime I need to. This is a great idea for me. Sure it will be for many others too. Looking forward to your next one already!

Victoria said...

Thanks. Me too!