Sunday, June 10, 2012

High Park Fire

Well, I meant to cast another pod today, but I've been mesmerized and freaked out by the High Park fire. The smoke plume is huge and visible from my window. Looks as if it's growing by the minute! This picture was taken yesterday evening right behind our house when the fire was still "only" 5000 acres. Now it's 14,000 +, and friends have been evacuated.

We just finished spraying the house and yard with water. Apparently, that can make a difference. It looks as if the fire's right over the ridge, although it's still about 20 miles away. They're describing it as "very aggressive." No doubt the sunset will be beautiful with smoke lit by sunfire, but I wish for a different sort of cloud!


Dylan Book Reader said...

I saw the fire yesterday and when I woke up this morning there was smoke everywhere. Stay safe, Victoria.

Victoria said...

Thanks, Dylan! So many thanks to give all those firefighters who keep working in the face of dreadful conditions.