Friday, November 4, 2011

NaNo Day 4

Interesting experience yesterday: It was so late by the time I started my NaNo session, I began drifting into mini-dreams while writing. It's going to be ... fun (with laughter and cringing) ... reading it over today. I have a feeling none of it will be usable in the long run.

But that's how it goes with writing a book! It's a little like sculpting--you end up throwing away a lot of chips and shavings, bits and pieces. A whole lotta words.

I've got 5012 unedited words. Ten percent done. Yeah, that would fit, since 3 days is 10 percent of 30 days, and November's got 30 days.

And today I need to come up with some usable pages out of that 5012 words, to bring to my writer's group tomorrow. The yellow-billed nitpicker will be perched on my shoulder during that part.


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