Saturday, November 5, 2011

NaNo Day 5

I read over the stuff I had written the day before while half asleep. Expected it to be either complete gibberish or profound truth, but it was neither. It actually made sense though, and started bringing in a new voice. I'm not sure where or how I'll be able to use it, but I'm thankful that voice was able to crank out more words.

I'm suffering pangs of extensive dread, usual when writing a first draft. I could whinge for a while about it, but I think I'll just let the definition of whinge speak for itself: It means "to complain; whine" ( Whinge has such a great element of onomatopoeia --"in language, the representation of sound by an imitation thereof; e.g. the cat mews." (

Yup, it's hard to even say the word "whinge" without sounding whiny.

Stayed up late again, and met the minimum words again, but only because the idea of getting behind inspires me with more dread than actually writing a first draft. This NaNo stuff really works!

Forward, write!

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